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Voting Rights Of Non-Resident Indians

By Neeraj Gutgutia | Category :: Story

Right to vote empowers the citizens of a country to become the part of a democracy and internationally it is considered as basic human right. In the same way a non-resident of India has similar rights. Who is a NRI? A Non-Resident of India is an Indian citizen who is not resident in India due to manifold reasons but has the other fundamental rights that an Indian citizen poses. A NRI can vote by being physically present in the country through paper ballot or electronic voting machines. Though in some cases voting could be done via postal ballot or proxy voting. These methods are discussed further in detail. Coming all way along to vote would not be easy for a NRI. Only when Government applies e-voting in India then only they would practice their right to vote in a simple way.

Different Voting Facilities For Overseas Citizens

Voting at the embassies: Globally there are few methods prevailing for voting for overseas candidates. Personal voting in the embassies or consulates is akin to voting in polling stations in home constituency. But it is very difficult to arrange voting facilities like ballot or EVMs in such a large scale as NRIs in many countries run into lakhs. Further fulfilling the security needs for conducting the election is another challenge. Many host countries may not permit such a large gathering at a certain place.

Voting through postal ballot: In this method the voter can cast their vote through a postal ballot paper. The elector has to make the request of transmission of postal ballot six months before dissolution or announcement of election. There are many flaws in this system. Though all this process is also electronically done but there are many lacunas and the main concern is the security and secrecy of the votes. For maintaining the security, the online voting platform could be used. It is the only way by which all these lacunas could be challenged.

Proxy voting: Under this kind of voting system an overseas elector appoints a proxy who can vote in behalf of them especially in case of service voters. The proxy candidate can be appointed anytime even before the elector is about to leave India. If it is done at that time, then logistics support and permission of host country is not required. It has its own drawbacks. The first drawback is that getting such a trust worthy person is very difficult and other is considering the reliability of the proxy. In the present procedure one proxy could vote for a single overseas elector and the ink is marked on his left middle finger.

There is no such perfect way by which voting could be conducted for NRI till the present day. But it could be made possible if the government plans to opt for e-voting in India. Right2vote Infotech has come up with an online platform where not only the citizens residing in India could vote easily but Non-resident of India can also vote very easily irrespective of the place they are residing currently.

By Neeraj Gutgutia | Dec 4, 2017 | Category > Story > Family | Comments | Views 336


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