The Best 400W Light Fixture for LED Light

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LED lights are manufactured using advanced technology to reduce your energy bill by up to 80%. The companies are offering 5 year warranty on LED lights. Hence, buyers like you need not worry about replacement costs for 5 years. The lifespan of LED lights is more than 8 years. However, the buyer should be wise to select the best 400W Light Fixture for LED Light to increase the lifespan of LED light further by dissipating the heat.

The high power 400W Light fixture is designed and developed to reduce emissions. It also saves your energy costs and maintenance costs because of long durability. The best features of 400 Watts LED Light fixtures includes lightweight luminary (12.5 Kg), wide input voltage range of 85 V to 295 VAC, CCT of 6000K, copper heat pipe along with aluminum fins for excellent heat dissipation, quick installation, high brightness, UL listed and low maintenance costs.

The LED flood lights 400W produce bright light of more than 4 times when compared to traditional lights. The technical specifications of the 400W Light fixtures include Cree XTE light source, lamp efficiency of 100 lumens/ watt, operating frequency of 50/60 Hz, the luminous flux of 40000lm, a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, UL approved HLG series driver, and voltage range of 85V to 295 VAC. The LED fixture is available in beam angles like 25 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 100 degrees. It provides warm white light. Its operating temperature is between -40 degrees centigrade to +50 degrees centigrade. The LED light fixture is offered with temper glass to protect your light source.

Correction installation is very important to direct the light in the desired direction and to prevent wastage of light. You can seek the help of a qualified technician to install the LED flood Lights 400W and Light fixtures and right height and right angle for best focused light. Adjustable LED light fixtures can be adjusted to suit your lighting needs in the stadium, schools, industries, parks, ports and airports etc.

LED light comes with anti-glare technology and bright light to ensure correct viewing of the ball, players and the ground. It is ideal for spectators, players and broadcasters alike. They can be operated even in adverse weather conditions. It is highly suitable for outdoor sports applications and industries.

Where to Buy LED light fixtures and LED lights?

In the recent times, the popularity of LED lights has increased considerably because of low maintenance costs and long lifespan. As a result, even the households are replacing traditional lights with advanced LED lights to save money on electricity bill. The LED light rated at 9 Watts delivers brightness of a 40W incandescent light. You can save up to 5 times the energy when compared to traditional lights. In view of low maintenance costs and long lifespan, LED lights usage has increased in the recent period.

LED light Fixtures and LED lights are available at online stores. It is suggested to choose the LED light fixtures and LED lights of a reputable brand for your sports stadium, industries and colleges etc and enjoy savings on your electricity bill.


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