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Stunning Chemise Dress

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Traditional t-shape linen tunic adorned with contrast accents, exclusive trimming and coloured jute and woolen cords. Historical costume silhouettes of northern soldiers and woman warriors didn't differ much. However, we tried to accentuate the beauty of the feminine figure, as far as viking clothes allows it using its free and floating cut. Quite spacious at shoulder and narrowed to wrist pliers make it possible to be engaged in any daily chores. Wide skirt reaches the ankle and doesn't 'sweep' the floor, doesn't restrict the step and emphasizes feminine silhouette. In ancient times not only clothing served to cover the entire body, protect from the weather and also state social status, but also it served as a magical cover and talisman. Therefore, the early scandinavians carefully decorated their costumes with lacing, embroidery and special decorative seams. It was especially important to 'protect' all open segments the hem, sleeves and collar because it was considered that through these 'gates' evil spirit could penetrate an individual. We paid special attention to the issue in our layout. The neck and the sleeves are trimmed with a contrasting linen tunic and narrow trim with traditional scandinavian ornament. Hem is also decorated with two rows of trim (specially designed with this particular costume), contrasting fabrics, woolen cable fitting the trim along with jute cord matching the ornament on the trimming. These details and colors will make your personality expressive and unique and will make you feel a dozen centuries younger. Chemise could be made of pure linen color only. Manufacturing and shipping from ukraine takes about 4-6 weeks. Please let us know that your dimensions: total height from head to toe torso circumference waist circumference buttocks circumference biceps circumference wrist circumference please check how to measure yourself here viking leather bracers 'shieldmaiden' viking costume skirt and dress 'ingrid the hearthkeeper' leather womens sneakers 'shieldmaiden'

Waistless styles, both directly and A-line, continued to be contentious during the next several years, but they were slowly incorporated into many wardrobes, and eventually become a staple of 1960s style. Straight-cut dresses were now called shifts; more voluminous variations were the muumuu and tent dress. Following another period of more fitted garments in the 1970s, unfitted dresses were again revived in the 1980s. Since then, however, women have had the option of picking from a variety of silhouettes, and unfitted styles have only been described as straight, or loose-fitting.

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