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The Shattered Pink Vase From My Buddy Salvador Mourra

By Brit Moving | Category :: Story

It was a very dark January night. I did not know how dark it was until the lights went out. I was lathering my hair with shampoo in the shower when all of a sudden I heard this very loud popping sound. I placed my hand on the shower wall and slowly rinsed the shampoo off my hair with the running water form the shower. I felt off balance like I might fall but I did not. After I thought I had removed all the shampoo I pushed down on the shower handle. I had one of those handles that controls hot and cold at the same time.

I then reached for the towel and again felt myself off balance. I began to dry my hair, face, and then rest of the my body. I opened the shower door and stepped out while holding the edge of the shower wall. I had not realized that one could feel so off balance and almost dizzy in complete darkness. I slowly felt my way around to the bathroom to the back of the door where I kept my robe. I did not have any flashlights or candles in the bathroom so I tried to make my way outside so I could see.

I stumbled in the hallway as I turned the corner passing the den, and as I reached for the wall to prevent my fall I knocked over the pink vase that was on table in the den. It was no ordinary vase. It had contained the ashes of my pet chipmunk that was run over by a speeding car one dark night like tonight over 2 years ago. As I was remembering this when I felt the vase falling to to the ground I heard it shatter in what seemed like thousands of pieces when it hit the tile floor.

By Brit Moving | Nov 8, 2017 | Category > Story > Family | Comments | Views 625


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