All We Hold Dear

By Kelly Cheek | Category :: Story

It's 1829 and young Englishwoman Isadora Byrnes arrives in America with a valise full of gold and a mysterious silver block. While trying to stay ahead of the shadowy organization trying to take the silver block from her, she finds herself in the middle of the violent conflict raging between the white settlers and the Cherokee people, finally culminating in the infamous Trail of Tears.

Along the way, she experiences intense love and heartbreaking loss, all while carefully documenting her own story, along with the political and social events that motivate the conflict.

After the Trail of Tears, Isadora and her family continue on into a new and relatively unexplored area of the American Frontier known as the Rocky Mountains.

Isadora's story is interspersed with that of a modern Colorado woman, Isadora's descendant, Dora Baskin. She finds Isadora's journal and, while learning about the history of her ancestor, Dora also discovers that someone is still trying to find the mysterious silver block. And they are not above committing murder to get it.

By Kelly Cheek | Apr 5, 2013 | Category > Story > Historical Fiction | Comments 3 | Views 585

Phillip Mirren
The story sounds great. I look forward to reading it. I invite you to visit and market your book to our literary community by posting your book links in our Books Section. Please let me know if I can help.
Barbara(Anne) Helberg
"All We Hold Dear" sounds like a captive read. Thanks for sharing this synopsis.
Rubi Sarma
Nice story.

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