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Devy NETW 471 Week 6 Course Project

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Devy NETW 471 Week 6 Course Project
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Devy NETW 471 Week 6 Course Project

Week 6 –

Develop an implementation plan for your technical solution. The plan should include a work breakdown structure, a PERT/CPM diagram, and schedule. Discuss the implications for stakeholders’ integration considerations; the impact on the company’s employees; and operational concerns (i.e., increased productivity/efficiency, short-term challenges versus long-term benefits, etc.) for management, technical staff, nontechnical staff, the company’s customers and clients, and other business partners of your selected corporation.
Document – 5-7 pages double spaced APA format not including title page and sources.
Presentation – 10-12 slides not including title page and source slide.

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