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SFTY 330 module 4.4 discussion

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SFTY 330 module 4.4 discussion

SFTY 330 module 4.4 discussion

4.4 – Discussion: Fire Sources

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I. Answer the following question, along with any additional questions your Instructor may post.
• Can you think of various fire sources (other than fuel related) that may be of investigative concern? Provide an example.
II. A substantial response shows thought and critical thinking, a short, two or three sentence response is not acceptable. Support your opinions with references. You may use course material but be specific. Personal experiences, etc. may be used to enhance perspective to the question but they must be valid and relative to the subject matter. Your instructor will evaluate your posts using the Discussion Rubric (PDF).
III. Read the posts of your classmates and reply and evaluate at least one other student’s posting.

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