From ˇ°Function Carˇ± to ˇ°Smart Carˇ±, ADUPS Together with 360 Vehicle Security Lab Promoting Safe Vehicle OTA Upgrading

From ˇ°function carˇ± to ˇ°smart carˇ±, vehicle industry is going through a fierce reform.
Gartner report predicted that to 2020, there will be 25,000,000 vehicles running on the road. This promotes development of new car-using service and automatic drive function.
Shanghai ADUPS is a ...

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Adups provides solutions for IoT terminal by using FOTA wireless-upgrade

As a standard configuration for smart-system, FOTA wireless-upgrade is crucial in this period of Internet-of-Things time.
Taking the smart-car for example, automobiles turn into electronics from machines. Traditional parts can’t satisfy users’ need for the better capability of the auto. The o...

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Adups FOTA is overall suitable to Gaotong platform, providing wireless-upgrade service for Internet-of-Things terminal

As the strategic partner of Gaotong in FOTA field, Adups has the same plan in Internet-of-Things market. In 2015, Adups entered Internet-of-Things market and the main target is smart hardware facility. Adups developed smart-car, smart-wearing, smart-robot, smart-home and the popular product --VR.

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