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“This is Not Good Bye My Love”

By persian khushi | Category :: Poem

Death has gotten hold of you
You now dwell in the realm of truth
Though I feel your presence around me still
You shall now see how much I loved and adored you
You always had what you sought
Yet did not believe when it was told
So now my love
I am left behind
With all our memories to behold
Your laughter echoing in the hallway
From days gone by
All the beautiful moments we have shared
Now memories my soul shall not forget
For it remembers all of our lives
Our ups and downs
Our laughs and cries

As our loved ones carry you away
To your final resting place

You said that my tears would be temporarily
Memories of us would keep me company
In times that I will feel the emptiness
This is not good bye my love
Forever you shall live inside my heart

By persian khushi | Jul 26, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 1849


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