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Smoke Tree

By Lisa Williamson | Category :: Poem

Smoke Tree

Beneath the smoke tree I sit
Looking over what is left
Once the world was green
filled with promise and dreams

But then they came from above
on wings of fire and darkness
burning away the life we knew
nothing could stand strong

I watched it all from here
And I changed as I did
The fire did not touch me
It seems nothing about me burned

Yet now I sit here
beneath the smoke tree
how cuold I be still here
When the world about me is gone

Nothing lives around me
They destroyed it all it seems
and now I come to realize
that I am smoke too

By Lisa Williamson | Jul 4, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 2 | Views 1944

Rubi Sarma
Very nice poem.
So beautiful....

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