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September Monarchs

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

My tears fall everyday,
I'm drowning in a sea of false hope,
I see no end and yet a million lights glimmer about.
Mary floats above my skulls
and flowers fill the air
with their aroma
as a wooden cross
stands besides your
photo in black and white
all your favorite food
yes, pozole, menudo
apples, peaches,
guayabas, and nuts,
tequila, and wine
all next to you and
the cross
and Mary cries
as she looks
upon the feast
the feast
for you ghost
that I wait for
in my sleep
this warm
September night
in the day
I’ll see monarchs
fluttering their wings
to the woods on the hills
and you’ll be among them

By Ivan Pineda | May 23, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 1888


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