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Seven long,long Days (and Nights)

By Tez Potter | Category :: Poem

The memories are still,
Very raw.
The gaping wounds have closed,
The scars are healing,
But the pain still remains.
I came, on crutches, to see you.
On what was to be the beginning,
Of the longest week in my life.
The last, in yours.
Three years today,
Brings it all back.
But then again,
It hasn't gone away.

And it never will.


*Footnote - By way of explaining the reasoning *

My father suffered from angina for years. In October 2009, he experienced a severe heart attack that caused him to be hospitalised. Whilst in there he contracted the parasitic C-Diff that would lead to his eventual and inevitable death.
Having undergone full open-heart surgery myself earlier in the year, I was medically forbidden to visit him due to the severe risk of contagion to myself. Understandably this caused me a great deal of vexation in being unable to visit.
On the 17th December that year, the family were summoned by the hospital, as my father had become comatose and was not expected to last the night. Such was his will to live it was to be a full further seven days (and nights!) before he finally stopped breathing.
The visitation to him on that fateful night was a very stressful situation in that I had befallen a serious accident at the beginning of December, and had broken my left ankle, which was in plaster causing both mobility problems and being unable to drive myself, at the mercy of anyone I could cajole to transport me the forty-odd between my home and the hospital.
It is fair to say that the experiences of those few months have left a profound effect on my life.


By Tez Potter | May 23, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 3 | Views 3064

Tez Potter
Thanking you for your concern, Dee
Dee DeGaetano
So sorry
Bikash Kalita

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