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By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

Money, itís green, itís paper, and itís mighty
Money can buy sex, food, toys, and money
Money can buy an election
it can also buy a family
and it can buy things that make you happy
Money can buy land
and destroy it as well
it can buy false friends
and true enemies
Money can buy corruption
greedy politicians
and lying spokesperson
it can silence the speaker of truth
and can slay a million dragons
Money can save someone else' s live

Money there are people who are born with it
and other who are not
some marry into Money
and others just work for it
under the sun, in rain, in a death-hole
Money it moves greedy around
and stops love and equality right in its track
Money buys lies, Money sales lies, Money can create lies
that bury necessary truths

If Money were hosting a party
itís guest would include more Money
the Pope
the richest Presidents
a few Dictators
a few more Religious Leaders
actors, actress, singers, and their boss
Money would also invite politicians
from the left, right, and center
Money would offer as a party favor; guns, drugs, and sex
and Scandal would be the guest of honor

Yet even Money must bend before Death and Time
Time will end the party and Death will end the guest
Death and Time are both equal of each other
and the opposite of Money
Death and Time will host a party
and everyone is welcomed
poor and rich
virgins and hoes
atheists and agnostics
the Pope and his money
all the politicians of the world
the dictator and the queen
young and old
men and women

All run out of Time
and all run into Death
leaving Money to rot in hell

By Ivan Pineda | May 20, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 1 | Views 1729

Rubi Sarma
Very nice poem about Money.Love it.

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