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Green Or Brown

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

My eyes
are they green or brown?
I cannot tell anymore
Under this Californian
weather they might as well be both

Yes they're both
green and brown.
Just like the weather
is cold and hot
sunny and cloudy
soft and hard
perfect and ugly

It's both alright
no one can tell me otherwise
those eyes of mine
are just like California's crazy
Spring days

It should be the perfect time
time-to-find love
time -to-find my dude
time-to-find my love
But Cupid, he must be
busy doing anything else
but finding me a match

He might be online dating
with a Mayan Goddess
or he might be making love
to Apollo
He just might be on Facebook
playing silly framing games
and poking other Gods
and he must be procrastinating
with other Spring Gods

Right now it feels more like
Fall stuck in a drought
a real lack of rain!
And summer's not here yet!
very few flowers outside
and the only bird that sings
is an owl of course

But through my eyes
I see the clouds
and the winds that blow them
and also the leafs of the trees
and palms

All things
that both brown and green eyes

By Ivan Pineda | May 16, 2013 | Category > Poem >Beauty | Comments 1 | Views 1582

Nice poem...

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