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By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

The day she died
she had told her love
that she loves her

A confession had killed
NO … not the confession
but the town
and it's dull and curl ways

She had been silent
about telling her secret crush
that she loves her
and that she wanted to be her girlfriend

It was a sunny day
a very nice shade of blue was in the sky
and all could go well
she imagined their lives
after she'd confessed
her love for her

They'd hold hands
and laugh together
and enjoy the sunsets
and moon-rises
every summer by the shore
of their sea

And every night
they'd be in the same bed
wrapped in the blanket of love
and moonbeams would gleam
on them

But instead that Christian Blonde
Blue-eyed bore
punched that black haired
dark skinned
browned eye lesbian

Now that lesbian finds herself
among Lesbo's Island
she cries
because her right
was denied
and hopes to become
a guardian for those
who live in her town
who feel like her

By Ivan Pineda | May 11, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 1 | Views 570

Bikash Kalita

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