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By Prince Kenny Jr | Category :: Poem

When the bells toll
let us abdicate not, to pole
since we dare not
lest alone to impersonate
and thereafter to despair
whilst we take solace to blur

When the bells glide
with & without silences
what reiterate
shall reiterate;
to the riches,
to the commoners,
to the elites,
to the peasants,
to writers,
to readers

When the bells glide
let us fret not, to pride
since we dare not
lest alone to imitate
and thereafter to rebuke
whilst we take heed in our refuge

When the bells toll
below & above uniformity
what transpires
shall transpire;
to pastors.
to the congregation,
to the opulent,
to the gatekeepers,
to insiders,
to outsiders,
to citizens,
to aliens,
to man,
to me,
and to you !

By Prince Kenny Jr | May 9, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 2 | Views 658

Rubi Sarma
Wow ... great lines.

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