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Harvest Festival

By Tez Potter | Category :: Poem

Harvest Festival.
(Or the result of a gathering of hops and sops)

Meeting with a mate.
Choosing a birthday card,
For a rapierist.
Or does he use a sabre, since he's sixty?

Strong beers,
Knocking me for six.
Or at least beyond the boundaries,
Of my medications.
Causing me to start talking gibberish,
Into my cups.
(Well, glasses actually!)
St Peter's Old Porter.
Sounds more like a ecumenical personage,
Than a Fine Ale.

By Tez Potter | May 8, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments 2 | Views 2070

Dee DeGaetano
Very good
Rubi Sarma
Beautiful poem.

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