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Youth Slain On The Battlefield

By Frances Ayers | Category :: Poem

The cries of youth fall down unheard, unseen
Amidst the crowds of dead buried soldiers
Anguish flooding the fields of crimson blood
Pouring out the unseen spirits hating
Crying at the the mistakes of men that walk
Slowly against all paths that lead to peace
Asking that their deaths not be forgotten but
Used to forge a better world for all men
Regardless of race,ideology,status
Bringing home ideals of kindness and truth

By Frances Ayers | May 2, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 7 | Views 4853

elvin esmino
Frances Ayers
Thank You!
Nice poem.
Rubi Sarma
love it.
Rubi Sarma
love it.
Rubi Sarma
love it.
Rubi Sarma
love it.

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