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By persian khushi | Category :: Poem

The way he says my name
When he meows
His eyes light up when he sees me
Wagging his tale
After a long day
Hugging him like a baby

Caressing his fur under the chin
And between his ears
Taking his face in my hands
Kissing him on his head
After I am finish with my prayers
He would come lay on his favourite place
Warm and cosy on my lap
My fury fuzzy temperamental
Oh the many creepy crawly gifts
He surprised me with
The occasional half dead snakes and field mice
My baby
Licking my forehead to wake me up
So loyal and lovable
Cuddly Caramel
He listens attentively
Interrupts with a meow
When he needs for me to explain
Yup we have our one sided
Uninterrupted conversations
And no
This is not crazy
Cats do understand

By persian khushi | Apr 28, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments 2 | Views 623

persian khushi
thank you Rubi Sharma :)
Rubi Sarma
Lovely poem...

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