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And You Will Someday Stay

By Bella Doerres | Category :: Poem

And You Will Someday Stay

I dreamed of you again last night
Your arms entwined with mine.
Your kiss it was upon my lips
As dawn was drawing neigh.

I felt the coolness of the dark
I smelt the early dew.
I turned and looked up at the sun
Then turned back, dear, to you.

Just as the slight rays of the sun
Peaked over yon green hill
You slowly faded from my sight
My arms are empty still.

I found myself once again
Alone in our old bed.
It was a dream
And nothing more
For you, alas, are dead.

I walk the day
In silence still
With meaningless
Thoughts that stray.

I only want to find myself
Once again with you
In that place where dreams are found
When the night is new.

I will again reach out my hand
You will again accept.
Again I will try to hold on
So you don’t slip away.

When the sun rises
And the day begins.
I will always pray that
In my dreams things will change
And you will someday stay.
Bella Doerres M. Ed. 04/26/2013

By Bella Doerres | Apr 27, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 2 | Views 1099

Very nice poem Bella Doerres.
Rubi Sarma
beautifully writen.

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