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By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

the first people of the world
walked for days
hoping to find light
within the bellows
of a dark cave

their eyes could not see past the darkness
neither moon nor stars would shine
no day would follow the long night
the winds were cold

the ground was rough and
lay with tough rocks
and cold send
they the four people
were waiting for the day
while butterflies were
flying towards them

the butterflies were carrying
the first moon
but in return they’d
have give them
the blood
of a wild animal

and so one day
the butterfly lord
spoke to the four people
of the people’s counsel
and asked for the blood
of a deer

the haunted for the wild
in the darkness with no
sight of light until they came
to a dwarf who had fire

The dwarf taught them
how to start fires
and how to hunt deer
and so the first hunters
went around the woods
into the heart of the dark and
deep woods and killed a deer

When they went back to their cave
they poured the blood of the dear
onto the fire and gave it’s pounding heart; to the butterfly lord
And the butterflies brought on their wings
A female moon who had sex with a jaguar
and she the Moon gave birth to the stars

And so there was a night
with the Moon and her Stars
and the first people now had light by which to see at night

The butterflies now instructed the people in the planting of corn
and beans and fishing and tequila brewing

And the people had something to eat

And thus after four days of long nights with no sun
the butterfly lord asked to be sacrificed by the burning flames
and died

The butterfly lord became the sun
and from that day on
the people sacrifice themselves
onto the sun to give thanks
for his compassion.

That is how the sun, moon, and stars came to be
and how people learned to be a culture.

By Ivan Pineda | Apr 21, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 1 | Views 459

Rubi Sarma
nice poem

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