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She Came For Him

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

He sits there graying hair, wrinkled face, and roughened hands
In his rocking chair
Rocking back and forth
In the dark night with soft beams of light coming in through the window from the moon
Waiting as; owls hoot and crickets chirp and wolves howl, and frogs croak for a stranger dressed in black to take his hands and walk with him beyond the yonder of the hills behind his house and into the new day that he awaits with the impending doom and light of the new day
She takes his right hand and says to him with a crackle, ‘Here I am your guide to the other side.’ And they walk slowly into the sunrise two beams of light leaving an old house together.

By Ivan Pineda | Apr 20, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 524


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