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The Flying Saucer

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

The lights are flashing
And there is a loud buzz in the air
And a ringing clang in our ears
The lights dance around
And change hues
Red scarlet
Green leaves
And yellow sunlight
In the dark gloomy night sky covered by lots of street lamps
The noise gets louder and louder it sounds like a chorus
A chorus of water falling from a fall
And by now the neighbors go outside
Some with cell phones
Some with cameras
All looking upward with surprise
A flying saucer floating around in the sky
It hoovers up and down
Like a disco ball in the night sky
And sounds
Like a bell that vibrates
Some neighbors call the police
And others get out their guns and brooms
And point their sticks up towards the saucer
And the air is now filled by bangs and booms
And shrilled voices calling 911
While the saucer hoovers from side to side
Faster and faster
Dodging bullets
Swaying away from frightened shooters
And rapidly flying upward
Away from the neighborhood
And living a scared community behind as the dawn started to cut the fine line between night and day
Two friendly aliens ride away to Mars
In hope of finding peaceful planets
With peaceful inhabitants

By Ivan Pineda | Apr 20, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments 1 | Views 548

Nice poem.

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