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The Dusk

By Manoj Sethi | Category :: Poem

The red sun mellows, you walk in tiptoe on dusk
The kohl eyes enamour, as the streaks hue in mirth

As you walk in, the gold earrings gleam
and smack the dusky cheeks, like a halo ring

The wavy hair cascades, the misty darkness ripples
The sultry lips beam, the ceaseless glee trickles

The perched nightfall looms, your celestial radiance flows
Once the solitary thoughts, now sublimate in the dusky lurid glow

By Manoj Sethi | Apr 20, 2013 | Category > Poem >Beauty | Comments 5 | Views 1861

elvin esmino
wow beautifully arranged
vikram G
Beautiful Poem. Wonderful collation of words.
Dee DeGaetano
Dark haired, dark eyed beauty. This poem sings of her femininity.
Manoj Sethi
Thanks, Rubi...
Rubi Sarma
Great lines. Love it.

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