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Used Postage Stamp

By Esther Thornburg | Category :: Poem

What happens to a stamp when travel is done?
May it be of interest to someone?
Wonder where the stamp had traveled?
Can its message be unraveled?

It portrays subjects without number.
They should cause the mind to wonder.
Trace its message of when and where.
Enjoy the geography it has to share.

See the art it dislays.
Check out the history it portrays.
They can be a scrapbook treasure.
They suggest stories without measure.

Stamps can be a learning tool.
They are fun to share at school.
To the young, the old, the dignified,
There is much pleasers to be supplied.

Just clip and save and keep.
It is a hobby with learning complete.
Leave a border, like a frame,
Also the date and from where it came.

Sharpen up the human mind.
Research can be a great find.
View the electric car
Postmarked 1917, "what happened thar?"

By Esther Thornburg | Mar 27, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments 2 | Views 2072

Lovely poem....
Rubi Sarma

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