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It is a pleasant view: the rise of Mt Eden set against
the vista of the grey, cloud-laden sky;
the multivariate shades of green
of the many shrubs and trees add their quiet grandeur;
the elements of suburbia are transposed
in a tenuous balance against the garment
of nature: a gown of many colours.

The houses are predominantly older;
vestiges of an age past, the architecture of a bygone time of luxury.

It makes an interesting contrast:
to see blocks of flats, built of concrete
(the structures of a technological society)
intermixed with wooden houses -
with their intimate, secluded verandas and porches.
They were built to last, in an age when the future seemed secure.
The scene holds elements of a social comment,
a statement of affirmation, perhaps,
that all that grows old is not doomed to ignominious decay.

This is not a scene one could - with precision - photograph.
It has too much depth: a three-dimensionality
that defies characterisation or analysis.
Constructed, as it is, of lines and angles that seem to complement each other;
a study in the relationship of objects that have no apparent mutual causality.
Somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle that, if one cannot find a missing piece,
one constructs it to fill the gap: it seeks to maintain totality.

It is a pleasant view: the Mount, the trees, the houses;
more than that, it seems alive.
Like a mighty organism breathing, existing to propagate itself.
As if, below the surface, there beats a heart
that has been matured by age and experience,
giving it an awareness of itself.

This could be true. It is not a young area;
it has seen populations come and go, it will see many more.

The mountain omnipresent there remains
(like a proud grandparent gathering its progeny around it)
excluding an aura of permanence and stability.

It is a pleasant view: the rise of Mt Eden
silhouetted in solitary splendour
against the skyline, with the trees and houses.
It gives me a feeling: I have found home, perhaps.

Les Bush
Copyright, 1981

By Les Bush | Mar 15, 2013 | Category > Poem >Beauty | Comments 2 | Views 1691

Very nice...
Rubi Sarma
So beautiful.

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