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By LUCY MUCHIRI | Category :: Poem

In the mist of darkness
Lay a warm face next to me
Like a flower she smiles ready
To bloom when she opens her eyes

In her dreams she smiles
Little funny noises she makes
Remanding of a symphony she once played

In her ear I whisper
In the some melody as the symphony
Share with me my little one
Your dream of the past and present

In my arms I wrapped her in a
Warm blanket of love
To protect and to shield her away from harm
For happiness, a wait with us to share

In her eyes I see
The memories of love once lived
The hope of tomorrow and many more to come
In the mist of darkness
lay a warm face.

By LUCY MUCHIRI | Mar 10, 2013 | Category > Poem >Beauty | Comments 1 | Views 2099

Nice poem.

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