a junky's lament

By Jacques Brown | Category :: Poem

I'm on a fabulous buzz
and on my tail the fuzz
trying to bust me because
I listen to The DoorsŁ

This lament is heaven sent
but they say I'm hell bent
because of the money I lent
because of their cause I've rent

scalp less,
don't know
who to love tomorrow
their thoughts thin and narrow
stuck with sorry sorrow

oh, I love you so
shot me with a beautiful bow
and an unknown arrow
of an innocence show

me a deer, you a doe
make another baffling blow
branded a bandit,
so shallow
can't stand it y'know

So I'll have to get on
do what has to be done
repeat rapid, reckless run
you are the only one

By Jacques Brown | Jul 29, 2016 | Category > Poem >Love / Romance | Comments | Views 2567


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