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Two monsoons had passed...

By Dipankar Das | Category :: Poem

Two monsoons had passed,
I am waiting for the fresh one,
To knock me and my soul,
With all in joy and rain...

Again I flew high,
In dreams after dreams...
Even touching the high sky,
Black clouds thundering with a threat,
Strong wind started to rise up and down...

I went to see old friends,
Some talked causally about tortures for fun,
Which I always opposed,
That too even in my dream now...

Suddenly a sword of war,
Kept me edgy,
Elation was not there in me anymore,
The tempest of sea shore,
Could not blew me and my friend,
I passed to the narrow lane,
To find soldiers armed,
Smashing their rival,
I could not stand it,
And made a part from the street war...

I hanged around for the monsoon rain,
Of peace...
To touch me,
I do not want hostilities at any cost,
Would like people to live,
Tempest should bring all beautiful rain,
Wet me, you and all
And allow us to live in amity...

By Dipankar Das | Jun 15, 2016 | Category > Poem >Nature | Comments | Views 2238


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