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All beautify the world

By Eftichia kapardeli | Category :: Poem

All beautify the world

All beautify the world
Spring and my heart
blooming lily
the flower to the Sun Shines
flame abundant with longing and affection

With silent dreams
clean heart
flooding dew
desire and goodness

The sheets got the wind
The leaves hunters
when rays fall on the heat
in the fog
when the rainbow fading out due
the flames of the Spring Sun
irrigate with colors ..... and stems
collects in life, beloved

passed after competition in magazine lost power publications 2013

By Eftichia kapardeli | Feb 17, 2013 | Category > Poem >Beauty | Comments 2 | Views 1680

Eftichia kapardeli
The beautiful is what adorns our world and our hearts   Thanks for the beautiful comment you .......Barna ......Really what mean Barna ?.....thanks
So beautiful...

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