I LOve My Dad

By Balasubramaniam Jayaraman | Category :: Poem

I love my Dad! I love my Dad!
Saying this I am so glad!
When I was a child of four
I have no speech before!
One day, he took me to a temple
Lovely father, he always so simple! ……I love my Dad

That was one Saturday
We all went for to pray!
There are two hills big and small!
Little one we stepped up with all!
I was in my father’s shoulder
He chants his slogan louder!
“Ram Ram Seetha Ram,
Ram Ram Seetha Ram… “ , I love my Dad

We were on the hill top!
He let me down for a stop.
Monkeys play here and there,
I was so much happy there!
That place is Sholingur!
Hanuman temple also came near! ….I love my Dad

After the Pooja was over
All took some rest to recover!
I was playing round and round
With my brother, making sound
There was a little Thirtha tank
There Milk, Honey, Curd all will bank
In joy I was slipped and fall
With a cry “Appa!”, Came all!
Took me out of pleasant drainage!
Changed my dress with a towel cage!
All were so happy to hear my voice!
Till that day, my mouth has no choice! ….I love my Dad


By Balasubramaniam Jayaraman | Apr 1, 2015 | Category > Poem >Love / Romance | Comments | Views 4702


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