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'Feelin' Low ....'

By Dusti Rodes | Category :: Poem

There are times when depression,
Can drag you right down.
There are no highs on days like these.
And from those depths even the lows,
Take on the form of large mountains.

You cannot live in the light all of the time.
When the darkness finally comes,
It is so Black;
It is positively frighteningly scary.

Being able to roll with the punches is OK,
But the body blows still hurt.
The pain is still real,
And can return when you least expect it.
And leave the saddest of memories.

By Dusti Rodes | Aug 21, 2014 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments 1 | Views 6306

Tez Potter
" Hope this sad state of feeling passes soon ....."

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