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Just Because You Have a Trust Pass Doesn't Mean You Can Trespass

By The Derrick Terrill Project | Category :: Poem

-Frequently this certain companion will come pass.
-Via a GPS compass.
-Permission has been permitted with a trust pass.
-That doesn't mean that this confidant has consent to trespass.
-Colleges often say the trials of tribulations will sure pass.
-It's gotta be understandable that the tribulations verses trials, tribulations have surpass.
-At the launch of this interconnection my physical was star-struck like a groupie backstage when the band pass.
-Recently internally the knot has been undone with a soulful bandpass.
-Although this undeniable acquaintance has been permitted entrance with a trust pass.
-Doesn't mean that they are allowed to trespass

By The Derrick Terrill Project | Aug 2, 2014 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments | Views 4159


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