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Desires for beauties

By rm shanmugam chettiar | Category :: Poem

He is too handsome to go in jail;
She is too pretty to be punished.
Thus enjoys the charm of oneís good looking.
Good looking is a qualification.

Eyes search for beauties in a concert.
Eyes befriend beauties in a party.
Talked to by beauties, one is elated.
Blunders of beauties are tolerated.

With a pretty face, her voice grows sweeter.
With a curve figure, her dance looks dearer.
A beautiful one cannot be wicked;
Thus goes humanís mind, blinded by attraction.

Beauty scores fevour and discount oneís flaws.
Appearance consciousness is beauty.
Hygiene and elegance add to beauty.
Well groomed, well behaved, one is a beauty.

Unlike woman, man is polygamous.
Unlike man, woman is kept from adultery.
As long as manís sexual perversion goes
There lies desire to fish beauties with baits .

By rm shanmugam chettiar | Jul 31, 2014 | Category > Poem >Beauty | Comments | Views 2875


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