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And You Tell Me We Are Not On The Eve Of Destruction?

By Dusti Rodes | Category :: Poem

Deep in Outer Space,
An alien craft slowly flies.
While down in a Chicago ghetto,
Yet another hungry baby loudly cries.

On an empty street
In downtown New York,
A homeless woman succumbs
Finally to the bitterest of cold.
And then she dies.

Grades are getting lower.
Teens are getting high.
That twelve year old girl is pregnant
For the second time.
And her parents wonder why.

A child in the first grade
Is swearing blindly.
And another third grader
Has just been gang raped.
Just take a look around you,
Isn't the system great?

Who isn't faded these days?
Teens are sending nude selfies
Over the Internet.
Kids are getting beaten,
The teachers see the bruises.

No calls for help are made,
They would go unheeded if they did.
Teens are smoking weed,
Young girls are cutting themselves
The result of jibes and taunts
About their weight and looks.
This isn't what we need.

Yelling parents are getting divorced.
That fourteen year old boy
Is drinking his third beer,
Things can't get any worse.
Can they?

A little girl has killed herself,
And nobody seems to care.
Another kid has just been expelled
For doing a very silly dare.

But things need to change.
Our world is officially broken.
It's time to take a stand,
Your thoughts so long kept unsaid
Need to be spoken.

By Dusti Rodes | Jul 9, 2014 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments | Views 6305


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