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Things Fall Apart

By vikram G | Category :: Poem

When hard times hit you
Life goes into reverse gear
The people you have been hanging around all this while
Turn their backs on you with nobody else to fall back
You feel lost and isolated in this world
You have nobody else to share your sorrows & happiness
Times change, peoples attitude towards you change
You are in the mercy of yourself
There is darkness all around you
You see no light from which you can come out of this situation
You give up all the hope to live
The mind forces you to do nasty things
You may even think of attempting suicide
And relieve yourself from this misery for once and for all
This is the time you should ask yourself a few questions before taking the extreme step
Does taking your life solve your woes?
Will things change for good if you take your life?
The answer to the above question is NO
The world will continue and life will move on
What you need to do is, start your life afresh
And let bygones be bygones
You need to say to yourself I belong here come what may
I will rise against the tide and guts it out
Your focus now should be to start rebuilding from the scratch
Without any expectation and regardless of the consequences
You will realize that youre enjoying life with renewed energy
Success will come knocking to your door again
When you have achieved what you had set for
And reclaimed your lost glory and position
The same people who turned their backs against you during your need of hour
Will regret their mistake and try coming back to you
What you need to do is set aside negative and bitter feelings about the past
And embrace them with open arms
And think about the positive effect that they brought to your life
Without which you would never have realized your true worth or potential
Where your standing today in this point of life
Making you become a better person and a good human being.

By vikram G | Jun 19, 2014 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 6014


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