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As you wished

By k nandan kashyap | Category :: Poem

Might have you wanted to speak
you couldn’t complete
now you have closed your eyes
you have slept for ever
as if you forgot to breathe
my two lips touched your eyes
you didn’t have the sense
coz you have slept for ever
like a dumb I’ve lost my words
I knew I’m gonna miss you
I just wept
It was the time for your soul
to move towards an another soil
I have promised you
I’ve to live as you wished.

By k nandan kashyap | Jun 10, 2014 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 1 | Views 1970

k  nandan kashyap
Death is never easy to accept,less to hold. I have shared my inner feelings through this poetry when my mother has left me for her heavenly abode.

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