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Get out and go away

By persian khushi | Category :: Poem

7th May 2014

Her family thought she was insane
She could feel and sometimes see it
But those unaware of this thought she was insane when she tried to explain
She was under psychiatric care
Her daily dose of medication
Kept her is a state of lethargy

Until a family friend and visitor saw her eyes
He realized that she was talking to the unseen happenings of her body
She would scream the following, at any time of the day,
Anywhere and everywhere they went
Get out, you have no right inside this temple
Get out, you do not belong inside these walls
It is where my soul resides
Leave right now

Go back to where to come from
There is no place for you inside my cavities
Get out from between my bones and flesh
Get out, my muscles do not want you here
Get out from between my muscles and skin
My bones, my flesh, my skin wants you gone
Get out from between the layers of my skin

They want you gone
Get off my skin, this temple is forbidden to you
Go back to the deep darkness of your home
Your masters conjured you
Your masters souls are in a hole they dug for themselves
I am protected by God and his Angels
Go back to your masters and give them a message from me
Tell them that in due time, they will be punished severely by The All Knowing one
Get out of my body, it belongs to me, my soul resides herein

Get out, take with you the evil you are meant to leave
Get off of from my head to my toes
My body inside and outside wants you gone forever
Crawl back to your wicked masters
Tell then theirs and your time of reckoning are near
Tell them from me that I am surrounded by light
There is place for you only in the darkness of their souls and rotten hearts
Tell them I do not hate or curse them for they are damned!

By persian khushi | Jun 8, 2014 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 6601


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