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By vikram G | Category :: Poem

A Hindu boy runs away with a Muslim girl and marries her
Despite of parents opposition from both sides
This message spreads like wildfire which leads to a huge flare-up
Two communities no longer see eye to eye
There is no peace anymore
There is no brotherhood anymore
Life has come to a standstill in this small town of Muzaffarpur
There is enmity and anger
Eyes are filled with rage, thirsting for each others blood
People have become blind
Their vision has turned myopic
People are approaching with saffron and green flags
Raising slogans in the name of religion
The entire town is being torched with yellow lighting flames
Each others houses are being burnt…
There is passionate brandishing of Swords
Bullet from the guns are flying everywhere…
Blood stained bodies’, ribs torn-off
Hands and legs slivered into pieces
Children slaughtered and women being raped lying naked
A bunch of narrow-minded morons
Have sowed the seeds of hatred
The innocent are helpless
Those involved are vacuous
This is the macabre picture of riots
It’s time to reflect in the mirror
And ask yourself this question
Why did this happened?
How did this happen?
Who let this happened?
When you get the answer you will realize and see the larger picture….

By vikram G | Apr 15, 2014 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 5631


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