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By Balasubramaniam Jayaraman | Category :: Poem

World map contains so many countries!
Ocean only should our boundary!
Recognize people by their heart! - If
Love to reconcile you are smart! - Hope
Divine powers will help thy part!

Bring the world unite!
Resolve not to fight!
Organize the people to share -
Thoughts and wealth with fare!
Help to think one and all!
Elevate mindset overhaul!
Respect others feelings! - You
Hope to receive greetings!
On-line made us possible! - With
Open mind nothing is impossible! - Hope
Divine powers will make us humble!

Light minded beings, with
Overall affection to feelings! - But
Vibrant in thinking - So
Eager for better living!

Poets only have that imagination - to
Educate the world with negotiation!
Accept the reality to win! To
Celebrate the Great things to happen! - We
Eagerly waiting with our heart open!


By Balasubramaniam Jayaraman | Nov 3, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 5537


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