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Where I don't want to be

By James Kaymore | Category :: Poem

Where I don't want to be. 

Stranded on a deserted Island, here in this big city. 
Trying to find one to fill my void while its being done by committee.
Holding my head down in shame yet not looking for pity. 
Hoping to find a place to nurture, and feed but not talking of a titty.
Resting in unrest, unliving at my best.
Don't even see any Jones's, to compare shit with unhappy to confess,
that stress, has compressed all my loving feelings leaving me feeling unblessed.
 My thoughts go extinct, and this is a rarity.
Clouded emotions all void of clarity.
I feel like the scribes scholars and Pharasses.
Yet my words are written to cement my legacy. 
Alone in a crowd, by myself in this room.
Heart beating slow, it will stop soon.
All by myself bathing in gloom, looking to heaven but feeling like Doom,
has me surrounded and is sure to consume.
A total eclipse like the sun and the moon.
Bonded and gagged no way to be free,
stuck on a raft adrift on the sea.
Perpetual blindness my eyes cannot see,
forever life's slave never to be free.
Lights shade if darkness all wrapped in me.
This time and place, where I don't want to be! peace

By James Kaymore | Oct 29, 2013 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments | Views 4790


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