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The American Dream is a Lie

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

The American Dream is a lie
A creation crafted by Rich Men
I order to keep……. The poor dreaming
To keep the poor dreaming, about the rich, and to distract them
To distract the poor from asking their unhumble Politicians
From…. Improving human condition

The American Dream is a bed time story
That is told to poor children
So that they may envy Rich children
And forget about poverty and hunger

The American Dream allows us to deny that the country is astray
That our Republic is slipping down the pipe lines
That the Capitalist Harlots are molesting this Nation
They are molesting this Nation under one God

That one God is green
And has promised diamonds and happiness to his cult members
And has promised an illusion that is more false then Disney’s promise of love
That God is The American Dream
And his High Priest seats in the White House, the church of that almighty God!
No matter what banner hangs behind the high alter
No matter the color of the banner
Stained with blood or cleansed with water
The American Dream rules unmoved by human condition

The American Dream is more honest than God
For he is unchanging
And heeds not to human woes
And really makes no judgments against the poor
We all suffer the same

And the molestation goes on
As The American Dream is dreamt about
Dreamt like a prayer offered to a God of Ancient times
Dreamt about like a commandment from the Ten Commandments
Dreamt about in the same way bulls were sacrificed to Poseidon the Lord of Earthquakes
Dreamt about, as a child, hopes to find everlasting life every morning

And the Dreamer dies unhappy
Unhealthy and manipulated
And most of all poor
The Dreamer in the end joins –
Joins a mountain of null bodies
Of the gay, the black, the Jews, the foreigners, the virgins, the harlots, the skinny, and the fat; all on top of one another, heaping lifeless and creating an Olympus of human pain, shame, and misery

An Olympus
That grows long after every party
Long after every stage of life
And long after Death enteral-claims our souls
And the religion of the American Dream is all the meanwhile
Exalted and sold around the world
For the a high profit and a low gain.

By Ivan Pineda | Oct 17, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 6844


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