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Black King

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

Wouldn't it be nice to be erased from history? Like an ugly scribble is erased from paper?
Wouldn't it be nice to hit the end button and be deleted from living memory? Like an English essay from a college student?
Imagine, just to, wake up one morning without breath, without light, without life; and to be free from pain and suffering.
To be like a rose that reawakens every spring to a new sun.
Or to be washed upon a different shore; like seed ready to germinate on different island from whence it came?
O Black King, will you not, come for me tonight? And take me; take me away onto your Kingdom?
O, take this worthless soul with you, O Black King, this useless and stupid mortal that I am, away from the land of living and into the land of ease.
For there is no future; for the stupid and useless mortal, that is me. There is nothing that makes this worthless soul worth a dime at all.
Drag me away in sweet sleep, my dear Black King. Never to be returned again. Take my worthless life with you, take this stupid and useless mortal, and make of me chopped liver or just simple worms, but don’t leave another night alone in the painful world of the light. Take me to painless world of the dark, O, Black King.

By Ivan Pineda | Oct 9, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 6701


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