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my online friend

By mabala matiku | Category :: Poem

‘My online friend’

On Facebook,
A network so busy,
With thousand strangers online,
I came across your profile,
Your hometown I Google,
User account name,
The name so and so,
Then your details I perused,
Going through your photo gallery,
Wow! Wow!
Your smiles so beautiful,
A good person it tells,

My online friend,
A stranger I might be,
And my profile picture not good to see,
My unpleasant Updates,
Most are not love quotes,
Kindly I plea,
My friend request don’t ignore,
Add me to your list,
For it’s good to know,
All friends were once strangers,
So said the scholars,
And the today lovers,

My online friend,
With a distance so far,
You are like my star,
Let’s be friends in distance,
Friends online,
Like my posts as I tag your photos,
Comment and I will like them,
Poke and I will poke you back,
In future when we are offline,
Good Friends in deed and need,
Friends with benefit we can be,
I can kiss a friend…can’t we?
I can hug a friend…..can’t we?
This will only happen,
If you accept my friend request,

By: mabala matiku.

By mabala matiku | Oct 8, 2013 | Category > Poem >Friendship | Comments 1 | Views 2113

Rubi Sarma
Lovely poem mabala matiku.

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