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Not confined by walls, no bedroom, nor living room, bathroom no halls. Just thoughts, of what was, what should what could.
What may have happed only if I would...
No protection from the rain, no comfrort from the pain, excuse me do you have spare.......change?Loneliness, despair the pulling of hair, the curb for comfort because there is's no chair.
No care, or concerns, bridges thats burned.
Trying to figure how tables had turned.
How friends and family spurned........
And neglected I'm a nervous wreck that.
Has No pillow for my head, I'm feeling disrespected.
Wrong city wrong town, smiling through a frown, thought I could swim but I'm about to drown.
Sleeping on the ground, woken by sounds, of people passing by, I'm the lost and found.
Homeless, hopeless, my thoughts digress, trying to swallow but I cant digest.
But would I die just, to have peace, to finally sleep?
Im talking real sleep not counting sheep.
But im no sellout, so don't play me cheap.
Home less more and more each day.
But does it really feel this way?
I think I remember what Luther say.
A house is no home when your all alone.
And there is no one to say! I love you.
Being homeless, properly stayed this time.
Is Not a state of being but a state of mind....

By James Kaymore | Oct 8, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments | Views 4661


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