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The Snake

By Ivan Pineda | Category :: Poem

I was asleep
And found myself
In a tropical forest with pink ferns
And tall trees
With a dark and warm night
And light breeze
Blew across the dreamy scenery

I was on a tree
And a snake slithered up to me
It commenced to talk
And what could it talk about?
All snakes inquire, that’s what they do.
The snake asked me to consider if I, if I’d like to beaten by it
It hissed it tongue up and down
And gazed at me with black button eyes
Anticipating an answer

I considered the thought of being beaten.
Would it hurt? How should I know?
It might tickle? It might burn?
Thought it’d be just like dying; how can anyone know if hell and heaven are there?
I thought once more…. Knowing that if I said no, I might never get another chance to get bitten by a snake
-Talking or not-

I answered yes-no-yes- Oh hell yes
Before I could change my final answer
He bit me……………..
Pain ran up my leg

I woke up with a cramp …….
That vile devil
Gave me a cramp…….
And I still don’t know
What danger or death is like?
That snake just slithered into my dreams
And left
Leaving only pain.

By Ivan Pineda | Sep 22, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments | Views 6789


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