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Wealthy Honorable Race

By Roy Mark Corrales | Category :: Poem

Being born in the majesty of a pearl of the Orient,
many scenery and wonderful location
where one can take refuge and
find happiness in all dimensions and
wonderfully people knows each other in path ,
the day always complete in sharing ourselves,
praying and contemplating the yonder of lives;
nothing can detest how any misgivings as well as achievements;
every concern shared their opinions but it always respected;
the nation move forward and dealt with every issue at hand;
a piece meal or whole buffet of sorts always shared in every sentiments;

Truly honorable race, we share our dreams and
moving forward in the midst of trials;
A honorable race being maimed, mangled
and distant hope for tomorrow truly embracing.

8:25 pm

By Roy Mark Corrales | Sep 18, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments 1 | Views 5749

Nice poem.

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