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Fading into Darkness

By persian khushi | Category :: Poem

I see you in my dreams
But I know not who you are
Deep within me there is this feeling familiarity
Do I know you?
Bewildered and confused I am
What is our relation?
I see photos of a gorgeous girl
They say she is I
But I cant remember
For my memory is slipping
This I write then loose the words
Before they take flight
I feel myself fading
The darkness envelopping
Inside this bubble of my mind
Desparately holding on to his hand
This man befor me
I know him... I think
As I watch his lips move
But I hear not what is said
Im loosing my mind
While darkness looms
He's smile soft and encouraging
He feels familiar too
The mirror reflects a stranger
Looking me straight in the eye
Who is he... who am I?

By persian khushi | Sep 17, 2013 | Category > Poem >Death | Comments 2 | Views 1937

persian khushi
thank you very much
Very nice poem.

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