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To Have Fallen

By Ian Council | Category :: Poem

Limitless I feel like I can fly.
I know so little of what is to come.
Why, how, really, all I can think as I absorbed the world like a sponge.
Soon it be came I know, gravity hit hard and fast I fell.
Hard did I hit, upon bouncing I was absorbed by the world.
The more detail, the more flaws, at that time flaws are all I saw.
Again in air I felt though the wold was magnificent again,
but with a more hungry draw for that flight and vision I had seen.
I could but reach out and touch this dream...
As before the ground came quick and left me on my back.
Broken and lost I found nothing left.
Out of nothing grew despite,it grew out of to many lonely tormented nights.
Healing I spend my days dreary and my head half numb.
To harness the hope that I had when I was young.
A true wish for me it would be, but a wish it would ever be.

By Ian Council | Sep 17, 2013 | Category > Poem >Sad | Comments 2 | Views 3835

Ian Council
Thank you :)
Very nice.

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