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The Prologue

By Ian Council | Category :: Poem

Bleeding foreword to despair.
Flashes of death come near.
Another day, another death.
My own I see, but never wishing.
A fallen star, a lost life.
Visions of how it should have been,
but in the end it is how it is.
Never a plan gone strait,
because it is how it is.
So why plan, why try?
Should I fallow the lie and die?
Succumb to the visions?
Fallow the door?
Finish the script,
or start the sequel?
A new chapter begins.
The epic continues.
But at what cost to our hero?
Has he grown?
Of course, into what is the question.

By Ian Council | Sep 17, 2013 | Category > Poem >Hope | Comments 1 | Views 3672


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